Everything I create is to help you create the life of your dreams, to help you answer your souls calling and let your own light shine. Because Boss Lady, you were MEANT for more!


The you who's on a mission to change the world while making more money at the same time.

You're ready for change, you're ready to up-level your life and start living it and you know that owning and running your own business is how you can make it a reality.

You have all the ideas and now you just need a way to make it happen ASAP!

You know that you are on this planet for a reason, the universe led you here.

You've got passion, you've got drive and you've got purpose.

There is no more denying it!

It's Your Time!

Here is to the you who’s trying to do it all in your business. It’s not that you’re doing the wrong work. It’s just that you’re doing a whole lot of it!


It's really starting to take over your life. It’s been a struggle to get it to where you want and NEED it to be and you’re ready to give up.

You need help. You need a clear plan of action. You need a friend who gets it.

The you who’s already rocking it in your business but knows you need a strategic way to scale so you can reach more people and make more money.

You’re daydreaming of a quantum leap forward to

5-figure months and 6
-figure years instead of the barely making it you’re stuck at.


It’s time to go bigger, let your light shine brighter. It’s time to serve and do more.

Work With Me

Boss Lady, you're in the right place!

xo, Shelby

If we haven't met before, I'm Shelby. It’s time to leave your doubt at the door. When you step into this fresh space, you’ll become a whole new being....One who believes in her dreams and her abilities. One whose faith in the universe and herself is unshakable. One who allows for all the money and clients and clarity she is ready to receive.

When you are confident…When you consistently show up for yourself and your vision…When you keep believing…You will be rewarded with what you desire. Whether that’s a waiting list for your coaching or photography business, selling out of your newly launched product, having enough income to support your family or having the freedom to travel and take time off...it all begins within.

My journey in business coaching started after the life I had known ended. I was divorced, let my previous six figure business go, living with my parents again for the first time in seven years and no idea what I was going to do.

Now I have a thriving coaching business helping women just like you who are ready to answer their souls calling!


These programs are the universes answer to

all your questions...

  • Get more clients and customers with less work.

  • Leave the old ways of running and growing a business in the past.

  • Up-level your mindset, systems, structures, marketing, foundation, time and of course...your results.


  • Build the business of your dreams and live the life of your dreams along with it.

  • Take inspired action to move you forward, get you seen and create the impact you want to create.

Ready to bring your business vision to life?


Private 1:1 Coaching

The bigger your vision, the more support it takes to bring it to life and thats what private coaching with me offers. It's a experience that offers a whole lot of support and guidance.


My private clients are scaling their businesses to multiple-6-figures, retiring their husbands, launching popular podcasts, taking over social and more!

Total Ascension
Business Builder

Boss Lady Agencies 6-month program for entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business from idea to reality. This is for you if you want support, structure and strategy as you build a business that lights you up from the inside out.

Purpose to Profits

The 6 week mastermind that is going to guide you through releasing your limiting beliefs and truly stepping into your power as a soulpreneur.

You've answered your calling, you know your lifes purpose and now it's time for you to truly believe that you are worthy of making the money you desire.