Is it time to stop doubting yourself and create the success you desire?

If you are struggling with self-sabotage, limiting beliefs and fears as you are trying to do "all the things" to create the life of your dreams, then YES.


Let's transform your life and business (even if it feels impossible) and claim your confidence as we turn your trauma into power. Basically that means no more worrying about what other people think, aligning with your highest self and having everything you have ever wanted (because you deserve it).

Your Dreams AREN'T happening
But why? Let's dive deeper
Comparing yourself

Scrolling through social media, seeing the success that other business owners are having and believing you'll never be able to have that too. 

Placing your worth in numbers

Thinking that because you don't have thousands of followers and likes that's why you aren't successful and making a lot of money.

Faking it til you make it

Doing what you see other business owners doing and hoping that it leads to sales, new clients and your dream life becoming a reality.

We can replace these beliefs with limitless potential as you transcend into life and business mastery so that everything you do creates results.
The Transcend into Fortune Mentorship
Every step you need to release what no longer serves you and call in the life and business you desire.

Get in babe, we're healing!

You're Not Stuck

Heal from your limiting beliefs, fears and trauma with your Accountability Coach who gives you every step you need to embody a new mindset and checks in with you regularly along the way.

You've Released What No Longer Serves You

Let go of the trauma that is trapped within your nervous system, subconscious and unconscious mind through deep healing modalities.

You've Aligned With Your Higher Self

Connect to your purpose with your why and mission as you begin putting yourself first

Clients Are Ready To Work With You

To make the money you desire each and every month you need to access your personal energetic system and strategy so you can call in your soulmate clients effortlessly.

You're Creating The SUCCESS YOU DESIRE

Success: the freedom to have the business and life you want, without sacrificing your peace.

Be present with your family. Travel anytime you want. No longer let "life happenings" set you back. All while living your life & running your business in a way that feels best for YOU.

Let my team SUPPORT YOU on your journey
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This is NOT a DIY course, its a Done WITH you course so that you never feel alone again. We also added in a little bit of done-FOR-you so we can hit your goals as fast as possible!​​

Am I a Perfect Fit for Transcend into Fortune?
  • You are ready to go inward and connect to yourself in ways you never have before
  • You have a vision of the life you want to create and know it's time to go all in with your business
  • You are tired of feeling "stuck" and are ready to dive in and receive feedback 
How do I join Transcend into Fortune?
Make sure you say "yes!" to these:
  • Are you wanting to follow this method of healing and transformation?
  • Is your revenue goal to scale your business to $10K+ months?
  • Have your limiting belief/fears/trauma held you back from creating the results you desire for your life/business?
Schedule a quick 40 minute Zoom call with an expert who guides you through an expansive soul alignment activation to uncover what's holding you back, and then lays out a plan with you to create transcendence inside the mentorship using The Soul Method.
If your goals and business align with what we specialize in, then you'll be accepted into the Transcend into Fortune mentorship!
  • Immediately get a customized success plan that has each step toward your goal laid out.
  • Have your entire Fortune Planner created for you at no cost.
  • Experts will personally review what you're working on (mindset shifts, business strategy, implementation) live or in written form 
Life with Transcend into Fortune
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Sara, Artist & Designer

I have been working with Shelby for close to a year now, and let me tell you she is incredible! The transformation I have undergone and the way my life has opened up exceeds anything I have ever imagined.

I draw mandalas and write poetry. I was drawn to Shelby because I felt she understood my artwork and supported my poetry in a deeper way than most of the people closest in my life. When I learned about her business program I knew she was who I was supposed to work with.

in one year I ended up showing my artwork in two different art gallery shows, did some really cool artist trades with an influencer and a photographer, sold prints of my work both online and in a boutique, and traveled to new places for exploration and inspiration.


And my favorite part that still blows my mind, is that in a few weeks I will be leaving the city I have lived in for the last 7.5 years and quitting a job that has kept me feeling very stuck/unfulfilled.


Jaci, Success Coach

I was gifted coaching sessions with Shelby at an event and it was the best gift at the best time as I was in the transition of restarting my coaching practice and not clear on who specifically I was speaking to and wanting to serve, Shelby allowed me the space to brain dump.


Yet also guided me to narrow down all my ideas to a specific niche of who I was specifically speaking to and wanting to serve.


Through Shelbys coaching and The Soul Method I now have a vision of my ideal client and can create content and messaging to speak directly to her. So grateful for our time together!

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Keisha, Voice Activation & Digital Artist

Working with Shelby was literally the catalyst I needed to jump start my business and scale it to where I am today. She helped me gain so much confidence and clarity around what it was I truly wanted to do with my business and where I was going.

I learned so much from her and will forever be grateful to her for helping me spread my wings in my business. Everything she taught me continues to be valuable throughout each stage of my business' growth.


She was so accepting and really honored what I wanted in my business instead of forcing me to fit into a box like other coaches have.


If you're ready to be witnessed in the most beautiful way while also being supported to stretch to new levels and grow, Transcend into Fortune with Shelby is 1000% the one to choose!


Sonia, Coastal Connection & Co.

Working with Shelby has been an absolute dream! Firstly she is just the most sweetest, nurturing soul who I must say is soo accommodating and flexible. The work with her has been sooo valuable, and if I hadn’t of found her I wouldn’t be where I am today.


Shelby has impacted me so deeply to allow space for me to come out of my shell and really put myself forth. Without her encouragement and service I wouldn’t be where I am. Transcend into Fortune has been a real compass to self; allowing me to dig deep and bring up the important details and also show me what I need to work on.


The mentorship has been so well developed, it’s a structured, easy to follow process even for those that aren’t tech savvy like me and with Shelby there to support you, you can’t ask for anything more.


It’s been a blessing to have you Shelby as part of my journey, another amazing soul sister to add to my soul sister list. I really felt connected to you immediately and knew you were the first one to kick me into gear. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done and just being the Boss Lady you are!


It wasn't until I experienced the greatest heartbreak of my life in 2019 that I understood my purpose fully.


It was July 6th of 2019, just another Saturday but something didn't feel right. I was 6 months pregnant and my husband decided to go into work, I told him I was worried about him, that I could feel his soul leaving his body. He told me not to worry.

That evening when he got home from work I knew something was off but he kept telling me everything was fine, that he was just really tired. I went ahead and took a shower after dinner and that's when my entire life changed.

I walked out of the shower and into our room only to find that he had passed away in his sleep. In a matter of minutes I became a widow and a single mom it was also the moment that The Boss Lady Agency fully gained life.

I realized just how much WE need to heal. Losing him brought every experience of trauma, hurt, pain, limiting beliefs and fears flooding to the surface.

That's why Transcend into Fortune was created, Because YOU deserve to feel whole in this lifetime, your deserve to create the life and the business that you have always dreamed of just as I have and I'm going to help you do just that!

Xx, Shelby