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June 6, 2019

Hey Boss Lady, do you feel alone in your entrepreneurial journey? I get it, many women feel this way but I want you to know that you are FAR from alone!

A lot of times we are surrounded by unsupportive spouses/partners, family members and friends who we want to share our excitement with but rather than being lifted up when we do share, we feel questioned and put down.

Every business I have had has come with its fair s...

June 30, 2018

This message is written for the lady who is stuck in the retail store, who is still serving others in a restaurant instead of in her own business. For the women who want it all but don't know where to start, for the moms who are afraid of not being there for their kids, for the wife who doesn't have a supportive husband. For the BOSS LADY who is stuck in a male dominated world sitting in an office slaving away, working...

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