Helping women transform their lives brings the greatest joy to my own life.

Watching women step into their power sets my soul on fire.

Seeing women choose themselves, their dreams and their desires is pure magic.

...these are their stories

Client Love...


Working with Shelby has been an absolute dream! Firstly she is just the most sweetest, nurturing soul who I must say is soo accommodating and flexible. The work with her has been sooo valuable,


Shelby has impacted me so deeply to allow space for me to come out of my shell and really put myself forth. Without her encouragement and service I wouldn’t be where I am today. Her course has been a real compass to self; allowing me to dig deep and bring up the important details and also show me what I need to work on.


The online course has been so well developed, it’s a structured, easy to follow process even for those that aren’t tech savvy like me and with Shelby there to support you, you can’t ask for anything more. It’s been a blessing to have you Shelby as part of my journey, another amazing soul sister to add to my soul sister list. I really felt connected to you immediately and knew you were the first one to kick me into gear.


Thank you so much for everything you’ve done and just being the Boss Lady you are! I can’t wait to see what’s coming your way! Your going far my love that’s for sure xx

Working with Shelby was literally the catalyst I needed to jump start my business and scale it to where I am today. She helped me gain so much confidence and clarity around what it was I truly wanted to do with my business and where I was going.

I learned so much from her and will forever be grateful to her for helping me spread my wings in my business. Everything she taught me continues to be valuable throughout each stage of my business' growth. She was so accepting and really honored what I wanted in my business instead of forcing me to fit into a box like other coaches have. If you're ready to be witnessed in the most beautiful way while also being supported to stretch to new levels and grow, Shelby is 1000% the one!

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I have been working with Shelby for close to a year now, and let me tell you she is incredible! The transformation I have undergone and the way my life has opened up exceeds anything I have ever imagined.

I draw mandalas and write poetry. I was drawn to Shelby because I felt she understood my artwork and supported my poetry in a deeper way than most of the people closest in my life. When I learned about her business program I knew she was who I was supposed to work with.

When we first began working together I was drawing my mandalas and writing my poetry but feeling totally and completely lost as to how to put this all into the world and support myself. I also was completely lost in my personal life and unhappy with where I was living and what I was doing. I felt totally insecure in my artwork and had wished in a way that I hadn’t begun to put myself out there sharing my work online. It was interesting because I truly believed I wasn’t good enough or capable of following my passion. Shelby opened me up! She broke everything down to bite size pieces and allowed me to take a closer look at what I wanted. She intuitively understood I move at a slower pace and that if I am pushed too quickly I will get overwhelmed. She was patient with me as I went through her program. She asked all the right questions and had me thinking of my art and business in a whole new way. 

As I went through the program my insecurities started slipping away. And in one year I ended up showing my artwork in two different art gallery shows, did some really cool artist trades with an influencer and a photographer, sold prints of my work both online and in a boutique, and traveled to new places for exploration and inspiration. And my favorite part that still blows my mind, is that in a few weeks I will be leaving the city I have lived in for the last 7.5 years and quitting a job that has kept me feeling very stuck/unfulfilled. I have been given an opportunity to live by the beach close to my family and to focus on my art!


As I step into my next chapter I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds. I could not have done any of this without Shelby. She is my spiritual soul sister! She is one of the most compassionate people I have ever known. I always tell her, she is straight up magic. I love her so much. I am so truly grateful to have the privilege of working with her. And beyond anything else she is truly an inspiration through the way she chooses to live her life and seek her happiness. She is a gift of the universe.