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Episode 12: Grit, Stamina, Vulnerability and Not Settling with Chris Boone


Chris’ entrepreneurial journey: Serial entrepreneur to podcast host. Chris has done it all on his way to creating a life he has dreamed of from becoming a licensed manicurist, makeup artist, spray tanner, doing hair extension shows, wedding photography and more he knows what it takes to make it happen. Now he helps men understand women with his podcast Men Don't Know that dives deep into questions men need answers for.

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Important Moments with Chris Boone

[1:38 - 4:15]: How Chris got the idea to create the Men don’t Know Podcast

[5:46 - 10:40]: From youtube university to overcoming doubts through self discovery and what it means to bridge the gap

[12:47 - 20:00]: The difference in mindset between men and women and what is needed to succeed

[20:26 - 29:19]: Chris shares the power of all he has learned from holding space for the conversations and learning to listen to understand [29:48 - 36:40]: How reflecting on your past and having the conversations can help you become the best version of yourself and how we tend to settle [36:57 - 43:29]: Creating multiple streams of income for wealth and the work ethic you need to embody [44:50 - 48:51]: Start rising up today, know your value and worth to create your dream life


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