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Episode 11: Creating Copy That Converts with Laneic Lavalle


Laneic Lavalle is a copywriter for ambitious female entrepreneurs, teaching them how to use their unique voice and personality to attract leads and stand out in the online crowd, without using scare tactics.


Laneics entrepreneurial journey: As a single working mom Lanic was looking for time freedom as she stepped into the entrepreneurial world wanting to play a more active role in her son's schooling and daily life. Being an early childhood educator and doing freelance copywriting on the side she saw the value of spending more one on one time with her son and claiming her time for herself by doing her own thing.

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Important Moments with Vikki Louise

[3:00 - 6:15]: The deciding factors that led Laneic to launching her business in helping other female entrepreneurs with copywriting and the shifts that came with it

[6:55 - 9:20]: The mindset work she had to do to let the limiting self beliefs go and step into her power of knowing and understanding her value and worth

[11:13 -.14:50]: Laneic shares the most important aspects of copy that converts and how you can get clear on your brand voice

[15:36 - 17:56]: How to create engage worthy captions on your social media

[18:25 - 20:26]: Socially selling without being pushy or sounding “salesy”

[20:55 - 23:47]: The biggest thing that Laneic can share to help when it comes to writing your own copy


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