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Episode 09: Transitioning From Side Gig to Full-Time with Stela Leu


Stela spent over two decades in sales executive roles with Fortune 500 companies. She worked on two continents covering wide geography. And she experienced first-hand the side effects of living under high-stress and pressure. For the past 6 years, she’s also been teaching mindfulness practices, leading people to a more balanced life. At the begging of this year, she decided to quit her six-figure role and turn her passion for health and wellness into a business. Stela is now a full-time health & wellness coach on a mission to help people feel and look amazing.


Stelas entrepreneurial journey: From working in the corporate world of technology to finding herself through yoga and her spiritual practice

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Important Moments with Stela leu

[2:37 - 10:17]: The internal challenges and struggles that Stela faced while trying to find her purpose in life and what changed when she said yes to living in that purpose

[11:35 - 17:42]: How yoga, meditation and visualization with mindset work can help your body, mind and spirit and how it helped Stela in her transition

[19:17 - 20:41]: The importance of working on your money mindset

[21:15 - 22:32]: The AHA moment that comes when her clients understand the emotional connection and eating

[23:00 - 26:00]: Learning to not react emotionally when being triggered and standing in your power through awareness

[26:50 - 31:38]: From 6 years in the corporate world to 6 months as an entrepreneur and the one thing to be aware of in your own transition + the three things that have helped Stela with growing her business

[33:55 - 36:15]: The most important thing to have in mind when deciding to start your own business

[37:41 - 41:10]: Using Stellas free meditation to get better sleep and a good night's rest so you can show up as your best every single day


Access your FREE sleep meditation made just for you by Stela HERE

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