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Episode 08: How To Reprogram Your Mind For Success with Suzie Flynn


Suzie Flynn is an award-winning motivational speaker, international mindset coach, business mentor and founder of Suzie Flynn Coaching.

She is an entrepreneur by heart and is a huge advocate for making an impact in women’s lives by inspiring them to believe in themselves and follow their passion and purpose. She does this by helping them re-frame their beliefs and getting clarity on the action steps they need to take to create more freedom in their life by becoming their own boss.

Having overcome many difficulties in her life Suzie is able to connect deeply with women who have been through similar and are ready to make a change. She is resilient, driven and determined and has adopted the approach of never giving up and in doing so inspires many others to follow their dreams.


Suzies entrepreneurial journey: After many years in the corporate world to finding her purpose in life and stepping into her power as “coach” Techniques and tips for helping your reprogram your mind for success

How negative beliefs and thoughts can create disease within our bodies

Helping you flip the switch from negative to positive a mental mindset

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Important Moments with Suzie Flyn

[1:45 - 2:27]: The ultimatum that Suzie was given that was the catalyst into coaching

[2:36 - 5:33]: The defining moment in her life

[8:03 - 9:48]: How to shift your mindset for success

[10:32 - 12:37]: Recognizing your negative thought patterns and where they come from

[12:38 - 14:12]: Breaking through the upper limit despite our programming

[14:51 - 16:15]: Tools you can use to move through negative thoughts and rewire those into a positive belief system

[17:05 - 15:53]: Routines that can help you start your day off on the right track

[19:40 - 24:12]: What it means to live a positive life and how it’s not all about just being happy-go-lucky

[25:33 - 27:38]: How our emotions affect us on a physical level

[28:50 -31:01]: Suzies experience in helping people shift from employee to entrepreneur and the mindset work that is necessary

[31:41 - 33:38]: The message you send to your mind with your thoughts vs your actions

[34:35 - 36:11]: A key tip for thinking rich


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