Hey Boss Lady, do you feel alone in your entrepreneurial journey? I get it, many women feel this way but I want you to know that you are FAR from alone!

A lot of times we are surrounded by unsupportive spouses/partners, family members and friends who we want to share our excitement with but rather than being lifted up when we do share, we feel questioned and put down.

Every business I have had has come with its fair share of unsupportive comments and side-eyes.

I remember when I started my first business it was a clothing line and I got questioned every time I invested in new product, every time I found a new event to pop up shop at, every time I booked an event to host a runway show. I also remember being told I worked on my business "too much".

I remember when I started my vendor event business helping other businesses get local exposure by hosting weekend events, I was asked if I really thought I could actually get people to support small businesses.

I remember when I joined a direct sales business and everyone thought I was insane for believing wholeheartedly in a product and said I would have to be too "pushy" to actually make money.

I remember when I started this coaching business and people said "do you really think you can make money doing that?"

I remember it all, when I started The Boss Lady Agency I heard it all girlfriend!

I had questions coming at me in every direction. I saw the fear and worry on peoples faces. It took months and months of me building my business and my clientele for people to take me serious and realize that I was made for this.

I had people who didn't even know my past business experience tell me that I should just go find a normal job so I could have real benefits and a 401K...and I consistently laughed at it all.

Why would I want to go build SOMEONE ELSES dream life making little to nothing for some "benefits" that I could create on my own with smart investments!?

I wouldn't!

I stood my ground, got confident in my business and just kept growing with a massive thanks to my amazing husband, he is an absolute DREAM. He pushes me to do more and be more every single day. Sometimes I think he believes in me more than I believe in myself.

But just because he supported me didn't mean that we didn't have to navigate how me running a full time coaching business would work within our relationship. We worked hard and still work hard on communicating everyday to make sure both of our needs are met.

  • When I am done working...I am DONE, there is no business talk, there is no side work, it is shut off and it is our time.

  • If he is home when I have coaching calls I let him choose where he wants to relax and I take my calls in a different room.

  • If I'm working later than expected he will do some cleaning up around the house or run errands that I couldn't within my day.

  • If I need help with Instagram content he is right there, helping me choose what to wear and where to go to snap some pictures.

It is ALL possible. So how do you create your own support structure?

1. Shift your mindset

Entrepreneurship isn't for everyone...your best girlfriend may just not understand the journey you are on. Your spouse/partner might just feel neglected. Your parents might just be worried about your future.

You see, we don't know what's going on in the minds of those that we want support from (unless we ask) but what we do know is what is going on in ours. We have to shift our mindset from frustration to understanding. We know the life we want for ourselves and we know how we are going to make it happen.

You must believe in YOURSELF first and foremost.

With self belief comes a strong foundational mindset that in turn allows us to "blocks the haters" so when someone speaks down about your business or how you are choosing to live your life instead of getting upset about it you just simply let it go!

Those comments or questions no longer hold power over you. Instead, you take a deep breathe, smile and stay positive knowing that only you know all the work you are putting in and just how successful you WILL be.

2. Ask for support

This one may seem silly, but it's true! The best way to receive support from those that are taking a ride on the unsupportive wagon is to just ask.

Ask for what you need!

To them they may think it's no big deal, that they are just trying to have a conversation and get their own questions answered while stating their opinion with zero thought that what they say may be effecting you.

Let them know that you understand their concerns but you are dedicated to making this work for yourself. Ask them to lift you up rather than tear you down even if they don't understand the path you're walking. Open the door for conversation but stand your ground with letting them know that YOU GOT THIS.

The more empowered you come across the more these unsupportive people in your life will begin to see the powerful light you are shining on your life.

3. Find a group of like minded women

Join different networking groups in your local area and join Facebook Groups like Behind The Boss where you can get support for the good, the bad and the ugly!

Even after you have created a support structure within those around you the next best thing you can do is create a support structure outside of your "norm" I love meeting and getting to know other badass Boss Ladies and I do this in a variety of ways. I attend monthly in person networking groups, I am a part of high level mastermind groups + group coaching programs and I am active in many female entrepreneurship Facebook groups. Finding my circle of Boss Lady girlfriends has been life changing because they JUST GET IT!

Just remember at the end of it all you are meant for this! Keep going. Don't ever stop.



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