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Business is a lot of fun when you're
in a state of alignment and flow

Hi, I'm Shelby, I help women align with their higher selves while turning their trauma into power and healing as they build their dream life and business.

I love helping female entrepreneurs realize that their past does not define them and that they are capable of having all that they desire so that they can live fully and authentically.

I'm a big believer that we can have it all, the life, the relationships, the business, the abundance, the health, the freedom.

Women birth babies and hold the weight of the world on their shoulders. Providing a healing space of life transformation allows me to show women that we are everything & more!

The answer for created a business without the "hustle" didn't seem real. I had three businesses in the past that led to burnout, overwhelm, stress and ultimately me losing myself.

When I got divorced in 2017 I was at the fork in the road, I didn't know who I was, what I was meant to do or even if the life I had dreamed of having was actually attainable.

I saw entrepreneurs on social media becoming what looked like over night successes and I wondered HOW? How could they run a successful business, travel, grow their family and have everything they had ever desired.

Looking from the outside in I just wasn't clicking for me, I had experienced success in my businesses before but it took endless amounts of work and not having much time to truly live.

I asked myself "How can I create a space where women can grow personally, professionally and financially without having to sacrifice the things that they love as they create their dream life?"

From this question I created a new approach to grow a business while living life.

The approach that helps women to accept, heal, release and become empowered in their purpose.

Soul connection, aligned action and normalizing feelings and emotions.
Excuses, over working yourself, or denying the deeper innner work.
Dancing for my mental health, chasing my daughter through the house or out to drinks with my man.
Wake up at 530am, coffee + meditation, read, card pull & connect to source, journal, back end biz development, playtime with my daughter, breakfast + cartoons, ceo mode, dinner & relaxing with my little fam before bedtime.
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"The inner work, healing from my past, that was the missing key to creating the life I had always dreamed of having."


Dream big!

How to heal from your trauma and step into your purpose

Without losing sight of the dream life you desire

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Are you ready to unleash your power, take purposeful action and create the life and business of your dreams?

If you struggle with consistency, moving through your fears, taking action, letting go of what no longer serves you and are ready to become wealthy: mentally, spiritually and financially, join Wealth Babes Academy!

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